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Selby High School

Selby High School

BBC News Report 2016

Students are making the news for real today as they take part in BBC News School Report. We will publish news throughout the day.

Weather report for 10th March 2016


Article by Marcus Ramskill & Jamie Martin



Selby High School is participating in Readathon this year. Readathon is an annual event that Selby High School takes part in each year raising money for a variety of charities. This year the fortunate charities are Clic Sargent and The Roald Dahl Foundation. In previous years it has only been for year seven; this year it is also for year eights. This will provide the charities with more money and enhance the children's education!

Last year, the school raised £1,200 for their charities and hopefully the students will manage to raise even more! As well as that, when giving to the charities the school is also provided with extra books for the classrooms and the school library. £300 worth of books and reading equipment were given for the students to read and appreciate.

But that is not the only reading based activity going on in school. There is also Word of the Week, Puzzle of the Week and a special activity where you guess what teacher is hiding behind the book of their choice.

The member of staff who is running this event is Miss Tomlinson. Our reporters spoke to her and managed to get an exclusive interview and here is what she said: “ The deadline for Readathon is April 15th, it is for year seven and eights but there is also activities for the whole school.” She explained to our reporter that as well as the activities previously mentioned there is also an extreme reading challenge.  The extreme reading challenge is for the whole school. It is where you take a picture of yourself reading a book. The idea is that you are reading your book in an unusual situation. Previous entries include animals, people upside down and even canoes.

Another reading based event is also being planned as we speak. It is called reading achievement and it rewards students for reading - even when it is not Readathon. When 1 book and one review is read the student will receive 10 vivos. When 3 books and 1 review is done the pupil will receive a postcard home and 10 vivos. 5 books will get you a certificate. when you reach 10 books you will get a bronze badge. When you read 20 books you will get a silver badge. Finally, when you read 30 books you will get a gold badge.


Miss Tomlinson: To kill a Mockingbird- by Harper Lee

Mr Dyke: war and peace- by Leo Tolstoy

Miss Newman: Emotionally weird by Kate Atkinson

Mr Milson: The history of the world

Mr Cousins: David Jason’s Autobiography: by David Jason

Mr Lanzillotti: sheet music

Miss Cobb: The Lie Tree: by Frances Hardinge


Molly Noott: Naughts and crosses- by Malorie Blackman

Eve Wood: Girl Online: On Tour- by Zoe Sugg

Abby Rowbottom: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Marcus Ramskill: Alan Sugar’s Autobiography: by Alan Sugar

Carys Soper: Moonwalk- by Michael Jackson.



By Olivia Sharp and Jennifer Thomas




Afternoon weather report


Article by Marcus Ramskill & Jamie Martin




Selby High School Readathon


Mrs Tomlinson, the English teacher at Selby High School, runs the Readathon competition that raises money for the Roald Dahl Foundation and Clic Sargent. Readathon is a charity event that seeks to improve literacy and reading skills to younger students.


Last year, Readathon raised £1,200 and it is hoped that more money will be raised this year as it is open to years 7 and 8 this time, not just year 7s.


The form activities, Word of the Week and Puzzle of the Week, will soon become Readathon-themed and the school can rest assured that there is plenty going on.


Mrs Tomlinson’s favourite book is ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ by Jodie Picoult, but there are a few more books in the series and she highly recommends them.


Readathon looks forward to everyone getting involved and reading together in the community it has created.

Article by Lucy Williams, Megan Clark & Carys Soper

Selby High School - Charities and Competitions


Mr Sheehan, Head of Palin house, proudly told us that for the house charity events there will be a wide variety of competitions that include a uni-hoc competition, science, music, and lots of other subjects!


Palin house will be supporting the British Heart Foundation and have recently raised £283 doing Valentines themed activities such as a raffle.


Mr Sheehan quoted, “We are strong and have a good chance of winning."


Miss Harwood, the Head of Garrett, spoke to us with confidence and told us that there are a few activities planned: so far, a chocolate themed tombola (in respect of Easter) is going underway. In addition, an Easter themed Photo Booth is being thought to be held, but it is not 100% confirmed. To get more participation from the students, there will be Easter messages in the main hall. And lots more.


As for choice of charity, Garrett will be raising money for the Selby Hands of Hope - a charity they have been supporting for the last 8 years when Selby High School’s house system first came about. And they enjoy doing so.


Miss Harwood quoted, “Although Mr Sheehan made a lot of money for Valentine’s Day, I am not intimidated and looking forward to winning the Benedict and Buttery Shield. I am hopeful.”


Mr McArdle, the Head of Mason, has not yet planned Mason’s charity activities but he has informed us that they are most likely to be quizzes, raffles, tombolas etc.


Mason’s choice of charity to raise money for is Leeds Children’s Hospital and they hope to do them proud by raising a lot of money.


Mr McArdle quoted, “Hopefully we will win, but as long as we raise enough money for a good cause.”


Mr Hawksworth, Head of Hockney house, said that he is quite confident and he needs to plan more of what activities are going to be taking place but would like to be creative and participate in an event and hopefully raise a bit more money by doing so.


Mr Hawskworth proudly told us that the charities that Hockney support are Candlelighters and st Leonards hospice and he hopes to raise a lot of money toward them.


He quoted “I am very confident and want to raise tens of millions of pounds and have fun.”


Thank you to all the teachers who participated in an interview. :)

By Lucy Williams , Carys Soper and Megan Clark


Interview with Mrs Carter-Mills

Top news reporters Molly Noott, Olivia Sharp and Jennifer Thomas asked Mrs Carter-Mills her view on BBC School Report day, discussing what form of news she enjoyed.


What is your opinion on School News Report Day?

It is a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved with and it is great to see what students are capable of in the day.


What do you think are the benefits of School News Report?

I think it is that everyone can be involved and working as a team


How long has Selby High School been doing School News Report?

We have been doing it for around 5 or 6 years.


What form of news do you enjoy?

I listen to BBC radio often - once in the morning and usually again later in the day.


What stories do you enjoy reading?

I enjoy the science stories the most but also stories from around the world and the funny stories.