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Selby High School

Selby High School


Online School Data Dashboard. 

The new Ofsted School Data Dashboard online tool, displaying a range of school performance data, became available for all schools in the UK on the 27th February 2013, this includes data for all the schools in the Selby area.  Ofsted published on their website that they, “…believe that those with responsibility for a school's performance, especially governors, will benefit from a simple, accessible way of reviewing their school's performance which does not require in-depth knowledge of school statistics”.

The School Data Dashboard, available on the Ofsted website, is accessible to the public as well as schools and contains data on attainment, progress, attendance and narrowing the gap between pupils eligible for pupil premium and those who are not. It also provides comparisons of the performance of all schools nationally.

Grant Gibson, Chair of Governors at Selby High School, welcomed the initiative.  He said, “Here at Selby High we have always published our performance data openly on the school website.  Sometimes, though it has been difficult for parents, carers and guardians to make an easy comparison between schools.  Governors at the school have always had data made available to them, it is part of the reason the school has been so successful over recent years, as governors we are able to hold the school to account and help ensure that all students make good progress”. 

Paul Eckersley, headteacher, stated that, “This data indicates how well the students at Selby High School perform when compared to other schools nationally.  This is a reflection of the outstanding educational opportunities that are available and quality of the teaching that takes place at Selby High School”. 

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